Thursday, 8 March 2012


Primary and secondary colors in our life.
Grade 1S

Books read: Red is the best by Kathy Stinson.

Handouts: Canada's Food Guide and its colors.

Activity: Blow color friends and Leaf friends



1.     Paper

2.     Paint (4 colors)

3.     Straws (cut in half)

4.     Glue sticks or liquid glue

5.     Scissors

6.     Paint mixing container (yogurt lids or butter tubs)

7.     Googly eyes

8.     Leaves to trace

9.     Spoons





1.     Cut straws in half

2.     Put glue in a container and keep popsicle sticks and googly eyes

3.     Dilute paint with water






Give each student a paper, pencil and leaf, and a leaf to trace (help improve fine motor skills)


Let the students trace the leaf


Students to put googly eyes on the leaf. (Leaf friends)


Dilute paint with a little water to give it a consistency that's easy for blowing. (Depends on what type of paper is use. Construction or card stock or just plain paper)


Put a spoonful of one color  at one time in  one location on each students paper paper.


Pass the straw and request the students to blow. Blow each little pool of paint in many directions with straws. Try to see how far you can make it spread. Watch little friendly monster limbs and tentacles magically appear!


Repeat with the other primary colors.


In a different location on the same paper mix 2 primary colors. We mixed blue and yellow to make a green friend.


After color friends have dried add eyes on top of the tentacle-like points. We used googly eyes, but drawing them in would have worked well too.


Students can cut out shapes and make different types of friends


Note: If there is too much color then fold the paper in half and the students can give a name to their shape changing friends such as butterflies, bats, or trees.



Output was 2 craft activities:

1.     Googly eyes leaf friends

2.     Color friends



1.     Students learned about primary and secondary colors with this art activity

2.     Students compared the colors with the food guide.

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